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Oregon High School Drivers Ed Programs

Teen Programs

During the school year classes are held either twice a week for two hours each or once a week for three hours each.

Students will meet an additional 6 times for their behind the wheel and in car observations, for a total of 12 hours of vehicle instruction. Driving sessions are scheduled outside of class times and may extend beyond the last class session before completion.

The course consists of the following:

  • 32-34 hours of classroom instruction depending on location
  • 6 hours of behind the wheel
  • 6 hours observation (activity done in back seat while other student drives)

There is a mandatory parent meeting held the first day of class. The meeting is attended by both the parent, legal guardian, or supervising adult and the student. The meeting is held for the first class session and covers policies, procedures, curriculum, traffic safety information and gives the opportunity for any questions regarding the program to be covered.

Students that are licensed, turn 18 prior to completion of the program or receive their license before completion of the program do not qualify for the lower tuition fee. These students will be charged the full tuition fee. For the tuition fee for your school program contact the Oregon Driver Training Institute office.

Classroom Instruction
  • Textbooks and all related classroom material are provided for the students. We use the Oregon Risk Prevention Playbook a text approved by the Department of Transportation, the Oregon Driver Manual and the Partnership for Expert Driving.
  • We supplement the textbooks with guest speakers, hands on activities, and videos shown in class provided by the Department of Transportation and other various national and state organizations that are involved in traffic safety.
  • We administer a total of 10 exams and a final exam to assess the students knowledge. Students’ will also participate in various activities and may present a final project related to traffic safety.
  • Grades are Pass/Fail, based on the student attending the required 30 hours of class and achieving a minimum of 80% on the tests and activity sheets. Students must demonstrate classroom participation.
Behind the Wheel Instruction
  • Six clock hours per student
  • Each driving lesson begins with an overview of the lesson plan and goals. The lessons follow designated routes designed to challenge the student. Students are evaluated by their instructor and given feedback for practice driving (with their parents) at the end of each lesson.
  • Parent, legal guardian, or supervising adult involvement is required by the State by providing a minimum of 5 hours of supervised home practice conducted prior to the completion of the course. This is done by signing the drive sheets sent home with the student and returned to the instructor before or at the students’ next scheduled appointment.
  • Students pass the course only after demonstrating their ability to satisfactorily perform critical driving tasks, including both physical and mental skills.
  • Lessons are given in our dual controlled vehicle. All vehicles have automatic transmission, power steering and air conditioning.
  • Lessons must be given with a minimum of 2 students in the vehicle.
  • In order to receive a certificate of completion, students’ must meet the ODOT requirement of at least 6-hours of behind the wheel and 6-hours of observation. Observation is an activity done while the other student is driving.
  • The instructor observes the student driver and engages the back seat passengers in discussion of the student driver operation of the motor vehicle.
  • Students complete an assigned activity for each observation hour. They must demonstrate awareness of cars, motorcycles, trucks and pedestrians; they must show sign, signal and road marking recognition.
Following the guidelines set forth in the publication Traffic Safety Education, Oregon Driver Training Institute provides a course in Driver Education that meets all requirements of the Oregon Department of Transportation (OAR 737-15-0010 through OAR 737-15-0100). We also comply with ORS 336.790 through 336.815.

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