Here Are Three Steps That Every Parent Should Take With Their Teen Drivers

Talk To Your Teens

Tell them the facts NOW. Tell them that distracted driving is as dangerous as drinking and driving. Drivers Ed Oregon Laws are starting to become more strict, also.

- 87% percent of teens think that driving and texting is dangerous

- 80% of teenage girls and 58% of teenage boys admitted to texting behind the wheel

- 65% have asked someone to stop driving dangerously

Set A Good Example

Put your cell phone away. Don’t check your email at stoplights. If you must talk on the phone, use a hands-free headset. And never, ever text while driving. Your kids look up to you and will learn their habits from the people they drive with the most; you! Make sure you’re on top of your game and being a good role model. That’s what we teaching during our Oregon Drivers Ed Courses.

Establish Consequences

If your teens practice distracted driving, take away the car keys. Immediately. Make sure they know that there are punishments lined up for inappropriate behavior. If need be, write the rules out on a piece of paper and have your child sign it. Make sure you are strictly enforcing your teen driving rules and checking up on your kids to see that they’re following those rules.