Frequently Asked Questions

How often during the school year is the course offered?
Do you offer private lessons on how to drive a manual transmission? Or do you have a referral for someone who does this?
I'm a international student at U of O in Eugene. I already got my permit license, but I don't know how to drive. What are my options?
Do you have review lessons prior to taking the test? How much to both give him the review lessons and pick him up at home and take him to the driving test with his car?
Our 15 year old daughter will be 16 in July. She has been driving with a learner's permit since February 2013. She currently has 47 hours of driving practice with us (her parents). Do you teach a summer ODOT - approved course that would provide her a certificate for the remaining 50-hour requirement? If so, what is the cost and schedule?
I have to miss a drivers ed class for a ski race. Would I have to make it up some how or do I just miss it and nothing happens? I also heard that if you miss a class you fail or don't complete the course. Is this true?
Do you offer summer classes, and if so, what is the time span?
Can teens register if they are older than 18?
After I get my license, what are the restrictions on my driving?
What are the NEW Teen Laws?
Are the courses ODOT Approved?
Are there Insurance Benefits?
How do I register?